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This is understandably one of the most popular pages on our website... everyone would like a price estimate and an idea of what they are getting for their investment, and unlike many builders we actually give you that information on our site!  Custom homes by definition come in all sizes, shapes, and finishes so we trust that you can appreciate that our cost estimate here is just that... an estimate.  Depending on your "shopping list" you could come in below or above the averages we discuss here.  The best news is, once we meet and look at your plans and lot, we will produce a highly detailed quote that will tell you exactly what your costs will be (we cover it all and present it to you for your review), but for now here is a place to start.


3 cost categories

The costs associated with completing a home can be grouped into the three main categories shown here.

If you are building “On Your Lot” then you already own your land (or soon will) and are looking for pricing on Structure and Site Prep... that is where we can help.


The Structure Costs are those materials and labor required to construct your home on your land.

Your choice of finishes, interior/exterior products and the overall size of your home can greatly effect the cost per square foot.  As an estimate and including what most homebuyers want in their home, our cost per square foot averages between $135-175 per square foot.  


Site Prep costs are those costs required to prepare raw land to receive a new home. If you already have your land then these are costs you will want to consider, and we can help you evaluate the costs your lot might require.

Site prep costs can be things such as lot clearing, ingress and egress to your site, utilities, septic/sewer, local permitting and fees, surveying costs, etc. However, not every lot will have costs in every one of these categories and each lot can have its own unique budget savers and expenses. The most important thing to remember is that Sherlock does this every day, so take advantage of our offer to inspect your site free of charge or obligation and let us help estimate what it would take to make your lot "ready to build." Give us a call and let us help you estimate these items today.


Land Purchase costs are those costs associated with purchasing the land you intend to build on. These costs would include the actual asking price of the land and any associated closing costs required.