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Thank you again for choosing Sherlock!  This private page will be your personal portal to Sherlock.  Below you will find copies of your important documents as well as instructions for "Next Steps."

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(m) xxx.xxx.xxxx (h) xxx.xxx.xxxx

Bank - Contact
 xxx.xxx.xxxx  -  email@email.com
Closing: xx/xx/xx

NEXT STEP GUIDE: This document will help you prepare for your Launch Meeting and will walk you through the seven steps required for completing your home selections.

FAQs: View a list of common questions and answers.

DOCUMENTS:  Plans  |  Summary  |  Contract  |  Cabinets  |  Plan Authorization   |  Covenants  |  Builders Risk  |  Termite Letter  | Bank Agreement

SELECTIONS:  Launch  |  Paint  |  Appliance Specs  |  Flooring Selections

01 - Description of changes
02 - Description of changes
03 - Description of changes
04 - Description of changes
05 - Description of changes
06 - Description of changes

LEDGER: Document showing Draw Schedule and status of all Standard Draws and Change Order payments.

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